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Made specifically for ice arenas and their customers. Features include:

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Point of Sale
Simplifying Interactions

Register clients for programs, print badges for public skate, or even charge drop-in hockey fees while booking a birthday party. With our all-in-one Point of Sale system Rink Management has never been easier.

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Online Registration
Easily Accessed

Our Online Registration Portal is mobile responsive and can serve as your main website or it can be easily embedded directly into your existing one. Load registration forms, publish schedules, and be notified of all sales electronically.

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League Management
Automate Schedules

Have players sign-up for payment plans, automatically pair teams and generate schedules, or even track player positions, rankings, and statistics. Our League Management tool is built specifically to accommodate Ice Arena league demands.

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Surface Scheduling
Book Multiple Surfaces

Manage single sessions or recurring ones, set default rates by time of day or customer, generate reports that indicate profitable areas, and even pre-set Zamboni time automatically. Gone are the days of bulky paper calendars!

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Marketing CRM
Build Relationships

Identify and segment clients by given criteria, create targeted email marketing campaigns to promote announcements, and even provide hot links to direct clients back to your website—automate your marketing effort!

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Financial Reporting
Generate Reports

Knowing what is happening financially within your business is critical—and we get that. With our Reporting Suite access up-to-the-minute views of activity, program successes, sales, and profitability within your business.

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Time Clock
Effective Tools

Schedule staff, monitor worked hours, assign pay rates, print reports and more! Take control of labor costs today!

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Party Management
Organize Events

Create a variety of party packages, take deposits, display party information with our TV Display functionality, or even print admission badges or wristbands for access.

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TV Display
Stay Coordinated

List facility schedules and surfaces, share home and visitor locker room assignment, advertise team names and even party information—on any TV—with our TV Display functionality.

One System. One Solution. See for yourself today.

We Couldn't Have Said it Better Ourselves

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Our Story

Frontline Solutions began in 1997 in Wayne, PA out of a need to bring together multiple areas of ice arena management into one integrated software solution. Facility operators were being forced to buy separate point of sale, ticketing and scheduling packages from multiple vendors that simply didn’t integrate. Frontline created an all-in-one solution to all of these applications– giving management a single source solution.

The Frontline Advantage

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All Inclusive

Frontline can integrate, automate, standardize and manage all rink transactions including enrollments, scheduling of contracted ice or surface time, point-of-sale, league scheduling, pro-shop transactions and integration with your facility’s web site. In addition, all business transactions are handled from a single point, whether you’re a single rink or have multiple rinks.

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Frontline allows you to configure and customize your software for all facility programs, pricing, schedules, and financial management. All of this information is available from a single database to provide you with the tools to manage your operation consistently and easily, without time-consuming and costly re-keying.

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Expert Training

Frontline provides full user documentation and training guides that are available during implementation and for daily activity support. For a true hands-on learning experience, Frontline offers onsite training and our product experts are always available for any future training needs.

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Fanatical Support

Frontline Solutions products are backed by our dedicated Customer Care Department. Always a phone call away, our Customer Care operators will assist your staff with issues ranging from a simple question to a complicated problem. For Support either email helpdesk@frontline-solutions.com or call our Hot Line at: 1-877-435-7357.

See why so many arenas choose Frontline.

Frontline Solutions
Tech Specs

Frontline Solutions develops and supports leading industry standard operating environments, client/server architectures and network protocols in all of its products. Frontline software utilizes the latest development tools featuring easy-to-use, customizable touch-screen, graphical interface, and a SQL relational database back-end. All Frontline software runs on MS Windows platform, and can operate from any standard Windows-based PC.

Frontline installations are planned and overseen by Frontline Solutions’ project managers and installation and training personnel. The installation team installs all software, will assist with the customization of all touch-screen templates as per the customer’s specifications,  trains the customer and their staff, and resolves installation issues.

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A Small Team with Big Ideas

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Srikanth Talagadadeevi

Chief Technology Officer

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Mike Vidal

Director of R&D

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Common Questions

FAQ #1

Q: I’d like to use customer cards, is that possible?

A: Yes. Giving your customers in-house cards is no problem. These can be used for member cards, access control and gift cards.

FAQ #2

Q: What hardware is required to operate RMS?

A: RMS operates on standard PC equipment. This can be supplied locally or through Frontline Solutions. 

FAQ #3

Q: Can I sell from
the web?

A: Yes. RMS offers an integrated web connect service that allows for online sales and transactions.

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